About Me

This is me.

This is me.

Hey! I'm Lisa. I have a lot of interests and things I'm pretty okay at. I'd love to share all the things with you all! A little background on me: I've been a licensed Cosmetologist for 16 years, I've been doing yoga for 12 years and I have been gluten free for 9 years. I got married to the perfect person, for me- in 2013. We have two adorable little ones who make sure our life is never dull. I've always been a bit of a free spirit and a promoter of healthy habits but I also enjoy organization, structure, and LOTS of dark chocolate. I'm a fairly well rounded person and like to try different things- therefore my blog will be covering a wide spectrum of topics. Join me on this ride!

PS&S: The Story

I have wanted to do a food blog since, forever. However, I had continually come up with excuses on why now wasn't the right time. I had the domain "the fancy free spirit' on retainer for Y E A R S. Then 2016 kinda rocked my world and I let it go. Moving on to 2017 I learned that being a "social media influencer" was a thing (thanks, Bachelor in Paradise) and inspired by the work of Bloggers I follow- I felt now is my time! My idea had evolved from an exclusive food blog, to a food and lifestyle blog. My original domain was no longer available, so the great brainstorm began. I needed a new- bettername. Since half my posts would probably be food related I thought "if I were a spice, what would I be?" I looked through my spice cupboard and nothing stood out until I saw my pink Himalayan sea salt- that's totally me! Then I started looking for my "other half"- what would represent my lifestyle? What's my overall message? I basically made a list of buzz words that I liked and kept using the online thesaurus until I found "sunshine". I said it out loud "Pink Salt and Sunshine...I knew it was the one!

Next Steps...

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